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Top 5 Most Affordable Games of the Week 1/23

Attending NBA games is usually a rare treat for fans because of the prices. Not to mention the price of food, beer, parking, souvenirs, etc,. However, I have compiled a list of the most affordable NBA games this week. It’s a great opportunity to see your favorite players without breaking the bank.

Jan 25 – Knicks @ Mavericks

If anyone understands the woes of unjustifiable ticket prices, it’s Knicks fans. If you happen to be a Knicks fan in Dallas, then you’re in luck because tickets for this Wednesday’s game start at just $10! That’s almost the same price as a small beer at Madison Square Garden! Even though the Mavericks are not exactly the top ranked team in the league, it is still a great value when you consider how much it usually costs to see the Knicks. The Knicks have also been playing their young guys more, and it has proven to be a smart move because they are a strong unit.

New York Knicks v Dallas Mavericks

Jan 25 – Thunder @ Pelicans

Russell Westbrook is having the best season of his career (despite his All-Star snub) averaging a triple-double. Kevin Durant’s exit from the Thunder lowered the value of their average ticket price, which is why this is a great time for Thunder fans to get in on the action. Tickets for this game also start at $8 and you’ll get to witness the potential MVP. New Orleans will also be hosting the 2017 NBA All-Star game and will feature the Pelican’s own Anthony Davis.

Oklahoma City Thunder v New Orleans Pelicans

Jan 25 – Raptors @ Grizzlies

This game is actually a fairly entertaining matchup. Toronto is currently the #2 team in the Eastern Conference while Memphis is #7. Tickets for this game start at just $4!!! You can’t really beat that price, and this week, no other game did! I don’t think I’ve ever seen an NBA ticket go for so little and I guarantee you this deal won’t last long.

DeMar DeRozan, Marc Gasol, Vince Carter, Zach Randolph, Amir Johnson

Jan 27 – Kings @ Pacers

Now I know these aren’t the big market teams that bring in top dollar ticket revenue, but at $11 per ticket, that’s a deal worth considering. The Pacers aren’t having the best season, but carry high potential. The Kings are an ok team, but you’ll get to see DeMarcus Cousins for what could possibly be his final season in Sacramento.


Jan 27 – Wizards @ Hawks

We finish off the list with the Wizards vs Hawks game. Both teams are relatively good and should be interesting to watch as they fight for higher Eastern Conference rankings. These tickets start at just $23, which is more than the other games on this list, but they are still fun to watch and worth it for the value.



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2016 NBA Finals

The NBA Finals start tonight as the Cleveland Cavaliers take on the reigning NBA Champion Golden State Warriors at Oracle Arena. It’s not surprising that these two teams made the Finals again because throughout the season, they’ve been the best.

It’s a rematch between last season’s Conference Champions, and with two fully healthy teams, it’s sure to be quite a show. The Playoffs have been fairly uneventful in the Eastern Conference, however the Western Conference has been more of a battle.

Cleveland Cavaliers


The Cleveland Cavaliers have had three Finals appearances, but have never won a championship. 

This isn’t LeBron’s first rodeo. He’s had his fair share of Finals appearances and knows just how tough the Golden State Warriors are. Last season, the team was plagued with key injuries and LeBron single-handedly carried his team to the Finals, but it wasn’t enough to close out the series.

Now his team is fully healthy and well-rested, they are ready to fight for a ring. No team has given Cleveland any sort of challenge during the Playoffs as of yet and they’ve been coasting through the post-season.

Tickets for games 3 and 4 in Cleveland are starting at $378 and $519 respectively. It is important to note that these are very likely to change based on the outcomes of the first two games.

Golden State Warriors


The Golden State Warriors could not have asked for a better season. Despite Curry suffering an ankle injury earlier in the Playoffs, the team still managed to overcome the Oklahoma City Thunder after being down three games and make it to the Finals for the second time in a row.

Steph Curry has had a phenomenal record-breaking season, and what better way to cap that off than with  back-to-back championships. He was the first player ever to receive a unanimous MVP award. His team also broke the record for the best regular season record with 73-9.

Some of Curry’s career achievements include:

  • 3x All Star
  • NBA scoring leader
  • 4x NBA three-point field goals leader
  • 3x NBA free-throw percentage leader
  • NBA steals leader
  • NBA regular season record for made three-pointers (402)
  • NBA record for most consecutive regular season games with a made three-pointer (152)
  • NBA record for most consecutive playoff games with a made three-pointer (51)
  • NBA record for most three-pointers made in a game (12 – tied with Kobe Bryant and Donyell Marshall)

The Warriors had their pre-sale for Game 1 yesterday afternoon and even their face value tickets were $500. This is a perfect example of what I talked about in my previous post on Oracle Arena pricing because tickets for Game 1 dropped from $610 to $448 in just 24 hours. 

Game 1 starts at 9:00pm EST on ABC, and it’s a game you won’t want to miss!

Here is the rest of the NBA Finals schedule with current estimated lowest prices according to SeatGeek (times are EST):
Game 1: June 2nd, 9:00pm – Oracle Arena ($448)

Game 2: June 5th, 5:00pm – Oracle Arena ($614)

Game 3: June 8th, 9:00pm – Quicken Loans Arena ($378)

Game 4: June 10th, 9:00pm – Quicken Loans Arena ($519)

*Game 5: June 13th, 6:00pm – Oracle Arena ($882)

*Game 6: June 16th, 9:00pm – Quicken Loans Arena ($741)

*Game 7: June 19th, 5:00pm – Oracle Arena ($1,285)

*if necessary

All games will be aired on ABC.

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Oracle Arena Ticket Pricing

This isn’t an arena review because I’ve never actually been to Oracle, but I do have some insight about how their ticket pricing works.

If your goal is to maximize profits from brokering, I would seriously avoid any event at Oracle Arena. I know you may be thinking, the Golden State Warriors are the best team in the NBA and are breaking records all around, why wouldn’t I want a piece of that?

I’ll tell you why. Oracle Arena and the Golden State Warriors are well aware that their on-court success is attracting more and more brokers and scalpers. There was recent news that the Warriors are strategically charging brokers twice as much for their tickets as everyone else. This is an issue because then those brokers will have to sell more tickets at higher prices to finance their original purchase.

When they have special “presales,” this is usually their way of getting rid of the crappy seats first at a very high price, knowing that people will buy them up without even thinking. For the first home game of the Western Conference Semifinals, the cheapest tickets were $230 during the presale. Then the day of the game, they lowered their prices to $170 for the same seats. I watched the regression of the resale ticket prices in the last three hours before the game, and they dropped 80% in that time.

This pricing strategy might eventually deter both brokers and fans because although the higher prices are justified for such a successful team, at what point to you price out everyone?

Another great example of this is the upcoming summer USA Men’s Basketball Showcase. This showcase features the best American basketball players (aka the best in the world) facing off in exhibition games against other countries. With the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics coming, this gives American fans a chance to see these players compete together. It is essentially an All-Star game. The showcase is happening in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Oakland, Chicago, and Houston.


An event like this only happens once every four years or so, and it is great for those who don’t want to pay thousands to see these same players during All-Star Weekend. I purchased a set of tickets from two different venues, Staples Center (Los Angeles) and Oracle Arena (Oakland). Both of these games are happening in the same week in July, on a weekday, and against the same opponent (China). However, the prices for these events were very different. The cheapest tickets for this event at the Staples Center were $65 while at Oracle, the cheapest tickets were $95. 

How is this price justified? The same players are playing at both venues, so there is no difference in super-star value. The event is also not tied to the Warriors or the NBA because USA Basketball is its own national governing body. This all comes back to Oracle’s pricing model and attempt to deter brokers. In the future, I will avoid Oracle Arena event tickets, unless I actually plan on attending.

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(3/19) Top Upcoming NBA Games

This upcoming week features a few key matchups starting with tonight’s rematch between the Golden State Warriors and the San Antonio Spurs. This is without a doubt the most expensive game of the week and both of these teams are undefeated at home. They are also the top two teams with the best records in the NBA. Resale tickets for this game start at $270 if you plan on going to the AT&T Center. 

Here are some other upcoming price reports:

3/21 – Cleveland Cavaliers at Miami Heat

Now this one is surprising. Normally LeBron’s return to Miami/matchup with Dwyane Wade is highly anticipated, yet the ticket prices start at just $100. This may seem like a lot, but when you consider that this is a game full of top superstars, it’s actually a decent value. Miami is currently fighting it’s way up the Eastern Conference Playoff seeding and for now, the Cavaliers are sitting pretty at the top seed. If you do want tickets to this game however, I would act fast because the price went up by 10% as I was writing this.


Lakers (aka Kobe Bryant tickets)

I don’t even like to call them Lakers tickets anymore, because they are honestly just Kobe Bryant tickets. They will consistently have some of the most expensive tickets in the NBA until the end of the season. The average LOWEST ticket price for the “Lakers'” next four games both home and away is $144. Granted three of the four games are at the Staples Center, the prices still aren’t very justifiable.


To put into perspective how ridiculous these prices are, here are the teams Kobe will play this week: Phoenix Suns (TWICE), Denver Nuggets, and Memphis Grizzlies. I guess that doesn’t matter though, since no one cares who wins these games anyway. At least Memphis is a playoff contender.

Golden State Warriors

Now I know I already talked about a Warriors game, but they still have other top games (as far as price) for the upcoming week. The average LOWEST price for Warriors tickets both home and away for this week is $188! This is only $44 more than the Lakers ticket average, but at least the Warriors are the best team in the league, so there’s some justification for that. This week the Warriors will play the Dallas Mavericks twice, Minnesota Timberwolves and San Antonio Spurs away, and the Clippers at home.

3/23 Golden State Warriors vs Los Angeles Clippers

Besides the Spurs, the Clippers are another key game for the Warriors. This matchup always makes for a great rivalry that usually involves a few technicals here and there. However, the Warriors have nothing to worry about since they’re already set until the playoffs.


Cheapest/Best Value

By far, the cheapest game of the week is taking place in Indianapolis. Tickets for the Indiana Pacers vs Philadelphia Sixers game start at just $3! They are practically giving away tickets for this game, but realistically, no one wants to see a 7th seed team play the absolute worst team in the NBA. These prices are not much of a surprise, but they should still pay people for the transportation to the game and provide free food vouchers.

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