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76ers Arena Experience

So I decided to start reviewing the arenas that I visit in order to give those who have never been to a game a better idea of the experience and what to expect.

I went to Philadelphia last night for a Sixers Networking Event. The event also included tickets to the game vs Houston. This was my first time at the Wells Fargo Center and considering the Sixers are the worst team in the NBA, I wanted to see how they kept the fans engaged. I’ve broken down my main observations.


The arena is located in the heart of all Philadelphia sports. The Lincoln Financial Field (Eagles) and Citizens Bank Park (Phillies) all shared the same parking lot as the Wells Fargo Center (Sixers/Flyers). This is awesome if you’re a Philadelphia sports fan because you can see all of your teams in one place.



Obviously most arena food is ridiculously overpriced and the Wells Fargo Center was no exception. However, what I did like was that they had a map with all of the food options and locations, making it easier for everyone to find what they want instead of wandering aimlessly. In addition, they have a gluten free stand for those who need it.


Arena Features

I thought this was a really cool feature from StubHub.


You can make your own commemorative tickets with a photo booth right in the arena! This makes for a nice personalized souvenir.

In-Game Entertainment

The Sixers’ entertainment was nothing spectacular or unique from what other teams do. The dancers danced and shot t-shirts at every section except mine (as per usual), and they had a dunk team and mascot.

What did stand out though was Allen Iverson’s appearance. After the Sixers’ starting lineup was announced, they added the Georgetown guard’s name at the end as if he was about to step out on the court, and the crowd went wild.

Sixers vs. Celtics


I would recommend buying your tickets online through resale because those will likely be cheaper than what you will get at the box office, however the box office is still a popular choice. Parking for the arena was $20, which isn’t as absurd as other arenas I’ve gone to.

Another thing I noted was that since the Sixers are very affordable as far as NBA games go, it attracts a lot more families and children. I think there were more children than adults sitting in my section. It’s nice that the low price provides an inexpensive way for families to enjoy professional sports. Of course, the price is always based on their opponent, so some games will be cheaper than others.

Final Thoughts

Despite their lack of success on the court, the fans in the arena were still loud and supportive of their team. These are some of the most dedicated fans in sports and even though the game was no where near sold out, the few that were in attendance made their presence known. As a sports fan, I have to appreciate that kind of commitment to a team that has not seen the playoffs in four years.

As far as the game itself… the Rockets beat the Sixers 118-104, however the Sixers dunked on Houston more times than I can remember, so there’s that.