From Broke to Broker

When I was a kid, I was very shy and introverted, and sometimes this negatively interfered with my daily life. I found that it was difficult for me to relate to people my own age, so I was always trying to teach myself new skills and better myself. I didn’t feel like I was a normal teenager. I longed for more than just going to the social events and getting good grades. I wanted to create something that would help me feel a sense of purpose. I’ve always loved finding ways to make money on my own. Whether it was selling pencils, snacks, or water bottles.

When I was twelve I started my own jewelry business online because I wanted to work, but was too young to get a real job. Even after I got my first real job, I realized that I did not like it as much as I liked working for myself and creating my own
opportunities. me-td-garden-photo

I tried a lot of different ideas, and not everything was a home run, but I didn’t care if I failed because I was learning from my experiences. I used my motivation to make money and to build something that would be successful to overcome my shyness. Once I was able to proudly say that I got paid doing something I loved, it instilled a new level of confidence in me and people thought that I was very unique.

Now that I am in college, it is more difficult for me to make money because I am not eligible for work-study positions on campus and I don’t have a car with me. I decided that since I had some savings from my summer job, I could make an investment in Boston Celtics season tickets. I talked to a few people last year who were reselling their tickets for profit and did extensive research before making the decision to invest. I am a big basketball fan so I
was very knowledgable with price valuation for each opponent. Now I am able to comfortably make a steady income without having to leave my dorm.

Do you feel like you are being pressured to be like everyone else and to simply conform with taking risks? What if I told you that today’s investment could be tomorrow’s profit? Most people are afraid to take chances with their money because they know that there is a risk of losing it. Although this is always a possibility, the saying “you’ve got to spend money to make money” is very real. Are you ready to do something unique and exciting? Most NBA ticket brokers struggle because they don’t know how to use precise timing in their pricing strategies. I’ve been there too, but through research and trial and error, I have figured out the best strategies. So if you’re ready to take a risk and make a smart investment, I can show you the way to success in the ticket broker industry. Sign up for my email list to get the latest news and updates about price fluctuations in the market and special events to be aware of.



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