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2016 Playoff Push – West

With less than one week left of the NBA regular season, playoff spots are starting to be finalized. Compared to the Eastern Conference, the West is a much tighter race. Here’s what the playoff seeding in the Western Conference looks like so far:

  1. Golden State Warriors* (70-9)
  2. San Antonio Spurs* (65-14)
  3. Oklahoma City Thunder* (54-25)
  4. Los Angeles Clippers* (51-28)
  5. Portland Trail Blazers* (43-37)
  6. Memphis Grizzlies* (42-37)
  7. Dallas Mavericks (41-38)
  8. Utah Jazz (39-40)

  9. Houston Rockets (38-41)


The Houston Rockets can potentially make the playoffs if they win the rest of their games, so there is still some hope for them.

 Golden State Warriors

via hypebeast.com

The Warriors (70-9)  are three games away from beating the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls record of (72-10). They are on track to capping off their historic season with the new record and cannot lose any of their remaining three games if they hope to do so. Their last three games are against Memphis (twice) and one more vs San Antonio. However despite being so close to breaking it, head coach Steve Kerr is said to not be focused on that, and will instead be resting his best players before the playoffs.

Golden State has already secured the top seed along with home-court advantage for the first two games and will most likely be playing Utah in the first round, unless Houston can find a way to make the playoffs and take the 8th seed.

Los Angeles Clippers

via clipperblog.com

The Clippers are notorious for making the playoffs, but never advancing past the Western Conference Finals. Blake Griffin was out for 45 games after being suspended for punching a team equipment manager and then breaking his shooting hand. The suspension was for five games without pay, which began when Griffin was cleared to play and was considered active.

According to ESPN.com, Griffin will lose $859,442 from his season salary of $18,907,725. The Clippers will donate Griffin’s salary from the five games to charities that help disadvantaged youth in Los Angeles, and Griffin will also be donating his time to the organizations.

Here’s the video for his press conference where he addresses the 45-game hiatus.

Griffin’s absence was a significant hit for the Clippers because he is still very rusty since returning and this is a crucial time for the team as the playoffs get closer.

Los Angeles Lakers

Now I know that the Lakers are nowhere near playoff contention (16-63), but I thought it was worth talking about Kobe Bryant’s last game. Currently, the cheapest ticket for Kobe’s last game on April 13th vs Utah at the Staples Center is $806 according to SeatGeek. 

And if you thought that was absurd, check out the newest items in the Kobe Bryant 24 Collection on NBAStore.com.

Los Angeles Lakers Limited Edition Kobe Bryant 18 Karat Gold Fitted Cap
Los Angeles Lakers Limited Edition Kobe Bryant 18 Karat Gold Fitted Cap – $38,248.08

There are only two of these hats left of the eight total that were produced. Also this price is almost equivalent to my college tuition. The saddest part about this is that people are actually buying these things.

Check out my post about the Eastern Conference if you haven’t seen it. For more updates and news about ticket prices, follow my blog and never miss a post! I’ll also be posting about playoff tickets soon. Got questions? Email me courtsidebroker@gmail.com and I might make a post about it!


The Kobe Bryant Price Effect

On November 29, 2015, Kobe Bryant officially announced that this would be his final season in the NBA. Bryant has been in the league for 20 years and will undoubtedly be in the Hall of Fame. He is a legend and will go down in history as one of the greats. Here is a video of his first interview after the announcement.

Besides the fact that Kobe Bryant is a legend and that there will never be another player like him, Kobe’s retirement news creates HUGE profit opportunities.

Great news for Lakers season ticket holders 

Unless you are a Lakers season ticket holder or like me, bought tickets before the start of the season at face value, getting tickets will cost you a pretty penny. The ticket prices for the final Lakers home game shot up 240% from the day before the announcement.

According to SeatGeek, on Sunday morning the median listing price of a Lakers ticket was $397, but it has now jumped to $1,350 (240%). The cheapest ticket has gone from $124 to $571. So if you already have Lakers tickets in your possession, get ready to start thanking Kobe because you have the potential to make triple the profit off of them.

Everyone wants to get in on the action and witness Kobe in his final season, don’t let this once in a lifetime opportunity slip by. This is a perfect example of why it is so important to know your product as mentioned in my first post. I foresaw that Kobe was at the end of his career and took the risk of buying some Lakers tickets before the start of the season, hoping that the value would increase. It was probably the best decision I made all year.

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